Privacy and OPT-OUT cookie

The AdOcean system uses cookie technology for some of its advanced features. Thanks to cookies, it is possible to identify the web browsers used by internet users, differentiate the first time and returning visitors (cookies), group subsequent page views into visits, rank operating systems, etc. As we have described above, AdOcean does not collect any personal or personally-identifiable data about users in its cookie files. However, AdOcean Ltd. is also aware that some users do not want to let ad servers save any information at all about their exposure to different online campaigns in cookie files.

To avoid storing any data in cookies, one can block acceptance of cookies for a certain web site or all web sites in the preferences of the browser. As an alternative solution, it is also possible to store a special cookie in the browser that will block AdOcean system from storing any other information in cookies, in a particular browser profile. This special cookie is called an 'opt-out' cookie and once saved, it is important not to delete it. As long as the opt-out cookie remains in a browser, AdOcean will not use cookies to store campaign-related information. Click on the button below to download an opt-out cookie for your browser's current profile: